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Daily Media Briefing: Thursday 25 October 2012

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office

Daily Briefing for Thursday 25th October 2012

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Crispin and Crispinian, martyrs, c.287

Tomorrow: Alfred, king, scholar, 899
Cedd, abbot, bishop, 664

Ind p16 (leader) 24/10/12  Editorial comment on forthcoming RUSI (described as RAF) conference at Church House, Westminster.

D Tel p14  Report about success of 'voice of God' alarm systems in reducing metal thefts from church roofs.

D Tel p7; Ind p15  Reports of bride-to-be's court action to permit her to marry in a Church of Scientology chapel.

D Mail pp1/14 (leader)  More about the Liverpool Care Pathway.

D Tel p16  Brief report of increased numbers using Dignitas clinic in Switzerland.

D Tel p21  Report that Society of St Pius X has expelled Bishop Richard Williamson for "refusing to show respect and obedience deserved by his legitimate superiors". 

D Tel p16; Ind p30; Wall Street Journal (Europe) p24  Reports about the potential of 'three-parent embryos' as a therapeutic breakthrough.

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