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Daily Media Briefing: Wednesday 10 October 2012

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office

Daily Briefing for Wednesday 10 October 2012

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Paulinus, bishop, missionary, 644
Thomas Traherne, poet, spiritual writer, 1674

Tomorrow: Ethelburga, abbess, 675
James the Deacon, companion of Paulinus, 7th cent

Guardian website (8/10/12)  The Archbishop of York writes that "only far-reaching changes to the global economy will stop the burden of debt falling on the poorest in our societies".

D Mail p16 (leader)  Support for Lord Carey on same-sex marriage.

E Std p15 (Sarah Sands)  Short diary-type piece on the politics of the same-sex marriage campaign. (scroll down)

D Tel p13  Report of research finding that majority of British Christians would not be offended by jokes about Jesus, and agree that freedom of speech should not be restricted even if it offended against deeply held religious convictions.

D Tel p16; Times p21; D Mail p35  Reports that the US no longer has a Protestant majority, and that 20% responded to survey that they had no religious/denominational affiliation.

Times p13  Further report about Cadbury's and the colour purple.

D Tel (Business) (City Diary)  Diary-type follow-up to earlier reports about home re-use of jam-jars. (scroll down)

D Star p19  Report of controversy at Birmingham University where the President of the Christian Union 'blacked up' for a Caribbean-themed fancy-dress party.

Times p4; D Tel p9; D Mirror p31  Reports that a Bible belonging to a 20-year-old soldier killed in 1918 has been returned to his family after 35 years of research by the family which found it.

Times p27, about scripture, tradition and 'liberalism', from Rt Revd Prof N T Wright
i p14, about same-sex marriage and abusive language, from Amanda Morton-King; James Gorrie; Revd Philip Jepps; Warren Hoskins; and Su Hough.
D Tel p23, ditto, from Liz Walmsley; Henrietta Royle; and G B Newman.
E Std p43, ditto, from Philip Morris; and Matthew Ruby.


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