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Media Briefing 23 October

Daily Briefing for Tuesday 23rd October 2012

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Tomorrow: Feria

1.  Love Life Live Lent to keep 2012 Games feel-good flame burning.
A campaign encouraging people to harness the 2012 Games spirit of goodwill has been launched this week - the call to action contained within a 'sampler' booklet being posted out to 20,000 Church of England clergy around the country.   2.  Today's press coverage

Times p39
Reports that a private equity firm, Permira, has bought family tree search company for $1.6billion. Ancestry has "spent millions of dollars … digitizing records ranging from the CofE parish registers to US Census files".

Mail p4, Tel p12
Reports that a group of "senior" doctors have "condemned the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway as a medical treatment that hastens the death of patients". According to reports "sedatives are used to deprive patients of consciousness and that the withdrawal of fluids … self-evidently speeds dying".

I p14
Editorial on Free speech by Amol Rajan in which he states "being adult means putting up with things you don't like, such as Christians who want to stop gays being married".
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Sun p15, WSJ p2, BBC News online
Reports that the Pope created 7 new saints yesterday including the first Native American.
Sun, WSJ no online link

Mail p17
Richard Littlejohn column notes that, "The CofE announced yesterday that it is to embrace 'Posh and Becks' style weddings". (A reference to press coverage of the Weddings Handbook?)

Tel p25 Sarah Dale, Lynda Moore
The Scouts should be open to atheists as well
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