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Prayer for Parents’ Week: “Make a moment”, says Bishop of Oxford

The Bishop of Oxford the Rt Revd John Pritchard has written a prayer* for Parents' Week encouraging parents to slow down and take more time with children in their care.

The theme of the week which begins next Monday (Oct 22) is 'Make a Moment' and in a new CofE podcast published today Bishop John, chair of the Church of England's Board of Education, said: 

"I love the idea of making a moment to spend time with our children. These moments are precious and so quickly gone. I'll always regret not taking more moments to enjoy looking at life through my children's eyes. Parents have the most wonderful and awesome responsibility, and their utter devotion needs to be celebrated. At the same time 'make a moment' reminds all of us all, as we get older, more serious and less spontaneous, that children will be our teachers if we let them - they'll teach us how to play, to laugh and be a child again."

The week is being run by the Family and Parenting Institute, and along with the Church of England is supported by politicians including the Prime Minister and a range of charities and other Christian organisations. 

Michael Connellan of the Family and Parenting Institute said: "Parents' Week 2012 is a special opportunity to celebrate all that hard work that parents do - and to highlight the importance of parents finding time to bond one-to-one with a child. We are delighted to have the Church of England's support."

Mary Hawes the Church of England's national Going for Growth (children and youth) adviser said: "This is a great opportunity for churches to think about how they can be part of helping parents and children create special moments together."

* Gracious God

thank you for the privilege and pleasure of children,

Thank you for what they represent for both the present and the future

and what they give us as they explore life and make their discoveries.

Help us to slow down, to pause and make a moment,

Help us to share their world and enjoy their wonder.

Help us to walk at their speed, and find that it's your speed,

And so lead us together into life and joy,

in the company of your Son,

Jesus Christ, our Lord



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