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Daily Media Briefing 8 November

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office

Saints and Martyrs of England
Tomorrow: Margery Kempe, mystic, c.1440

1.  National Monuments Symposium on preventing heritage crime

Church leaders, police and politicians will share best practice on how to protect against theft the wealth of beautiful and significant monuments housed in England's churches at a national Monuments Symposium at Westminster Abbey on 13th November.  For further information, see end of briefing or go to:

2.  Today's press coverage

Countless news/comment articles on speculation over next Archbishop of Canterbury

Daily Telegraph p12

"Old Etonian former oil executive is the new Archbishop"

BBC online

Justin Welby 'to be named as new Archbishop of Canterbury'

Times p4
"Identity of next Archbishop to be revealed this week"

Daily Mail p2
"Church set to name an ex-oil boss as its leader"

Daily Mail p17

"Praise be! A man of Steel and principle who could (with God's help) rescue our bickering church"

Daily Telegraph p33 (scroll down link)

"The CofE should have looked further than a blessed Old Etonian"

Guardian p17

"Welby set to be next Archbishop of Canterbury"

Daily Express p15

"The new man at Canterbury"

Evening Standard p12

"Former oil boss is odds-on to be the next Archbishop"

Metro p19/Sun p2/City AM p5 (no links)

Daily Mail p22

News report "The heartwarming story of a Yorkshire vicar who gave his flock £10 each and told them to 'pass on a blessing'

Daily Telegraph p5 (Business)

News report "MPs urged to pas law in battle against metal theft"

Ind p54 (6/11/12)

Profile of investor activist, Bob Monks, inc his reported wish that "the 'great and good' shareholders - the likes of the Wellcome Trust, the Church of England and Cambridge University - were more engaged."

Daily Telegraph p24 (news in brief, no link)

News par "Vicar drove like 'a bat out of hell' to see parishioners with ref to a priest in Worcester diocese.


Times p35

"Consecrations" from Martin Dales, House of Laity, General Synod

"Casting lots" from David Lamming, Boxford, Suffolk


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