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Daily Digest for Wednesday 30th January 2013

Good Morning from the Church of England Communications Office

Daily Digest for Wednesday 30th January 2013

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Today's press coverage

Times p6, Daily Mail p12
"Speaking at a farewell service to mark the end of his term as Bishop of Durham", "the incoming Archbishop of Canterbury has compared parts of Britain today with the state of the country in the 1930s".

Guardian p26
In an opinion editorial, Giles Fraser, priest-in-charge at St Mary's Newington, writes: "As the number of people taking their own life continues to rise, we need to cast out the idea that it is ever a heroic act."

Sun p11
Jane Moore writes that "strict faith schools flunk citizen test".

Telegraph p2
Report that "churches which opt out of performing gay marriages could be punished by being refused funding or frozen out of running local services, Roman Catholic bishops believe".

Times p1, Evening Standard p11
Report in Times that "David Cameron is under mounting pressure to push through tax breaks for married couples as a way of averting a Tory rupture over gay marriage"; Evening Standard reports that "a surge in gay marriages could boost Britain's ailing economy by up to 18 million pounds in a year".

Sun p25, Daily Star p24
Reports previewing tonight's Make Me a Muslim TV programme, mentioning that 5,000 people converted to Islam last year.

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