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Daily Digest Tuesday 29 January

Daily Digest for Tuesday 29th January 2013

Issued at 09.00 by RH

1. Two new Church of England parish publications go online

Two new monthly publications, specifically designed for Church of England parishes, have been posted online on the Church's website. For further information, see end of digest or go to:


2. Bishop urges Christian generosity 'to give the blood that flows through your veins'

The Bishop of Carlisle today urged Christians to consider giving more than money in a new campaign launched jointly with the NHS and Churches. For further information, see end of digest or go to:

Free Church of England Orders recognised

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have recognised the Orders of the Free Church of England under the Overseas and Other Clergy (Ministry and Ordination) Measure 1967. The Measure gives the Archbishops authority to determine whether the Orders of any Church are 'recognised and accepted' by the Church of England. For further information, see end of digest or to go:

4. Today's press coverage

Times online

News report "Church of England recognizes 'free' order that is against women bishops"

Daily Star p25

News report "H'boro bishop retires" with ref to yesterday's announcement that Bishop of Liverpool will retire this summer

Tel p2 (no link), Eve Stand p7, Expr p5

News reports on Succession Bill which passed Third Reading in Parliament yesterday including ref to defeated amendment proposing Catholics could succeed to the throne

Telegraph online

News report "Karaoke is music to ear of long-suffering vicars" with ref to Christian Resources Exhibition

Tel p10 (no link)

Short news story "Cost of the BA cross case"

Tel p11 (no link)

News brief "Give blood, bishop urges" with ref to yesterday's call from Bishop of Carlisle (see press release above)

Mirror p10

Kevin Maguire column  "10 things I'd like referendums on" including "Disestablishing the Church of England"

Guardian p12

News report that "Muslims and Christians were neighbours until war forced many out of their homes" with ref to situation in Syria

Daily Mail p28 (no link)

News report "An allergy not be sneezed at - especially if you're a vicar" with ref to priest in Gloucester who has retired "after his allergy to lilies prevented him from carrying out his duties"

Metro p18

Interview with Sir David Attenborough including ref to Archbishop of Canterbury


Times p45

Sir Marcus Worsley Conservative MP "who was committed to Church of England"

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