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Girlguiding Promise

Girlguiding should keep God in its Promise and provide space for young to explore their beliefs

  A majority of girls and young women surveyed by Girlguiding UK say they believe in a god. As the organisation's open consultation on the Promises made by new members draws to a close, a senior Church of England priest says it is important for the promise to "love God", retains its place.

70% of 7-11 year olds believe in "a god" according to the survey of 1,200 7-21 year olds in the UK, conducted by Girlguiding UK. The figure for 11-21 year olds is 55%, an increase on the same figure from the 2009 poll conducted by the same organisation.

"Girlguiding UK has always been an organisation that has held the spiritual development of girls at the heart of its activities," says Canon Shelia Bamber of Sunderland Minster and a former Faith Adviser for Girlguiding UK. "In a society where is it increasingly 'uncool' for young people to believe in God or any 'higher power', it is important that there are still places where they can be encouraged to explore and develop their own beliefs.  It is important that Girlguiding offers opportunities for spiritual development," says Shelia.

The Consultation on the Promise run by Girlguiding UK closes on Sunday 3 March.  Guides, Brownie and Ranger members, their leaders and parents are being encouraged to respond to this important consultation to demonstrate the support, collaboration and goodwill of church communities in their partnership with Girlguiding.

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