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Daily Digest: Richard Frith to be next Bishop of Hereford

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Reports that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby is to quit his membership of the Travellers Club in Pall Mall after it voted against allowing women as members. The reports note the decision was taken days after the vote on women bishops. The reports say a Lambeth Palce spokesperson confirmed the Archbishop would be resigning his membership and that he had only originally joined so he had a London base when he was previously in Liverpool and Durham.

Report that the new Bishop of Hereford is announced as the Rt Rev Richard Frith, Bishop of Hull.

Further reports on the Assisted Dying debate with the BBC and Mail reporting that the Care Minister, Norman Lamb saying he is in favour of a change in the law. The Mail quotes Mr Lamb as saying that former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey's change of heart over the issue was 'hugely significant' and that he will support reform if it is approved by the Lords and moves on to a Commons vote. The Bishop of Carlisle is quoted in an article in the Independent that brings together different viewpoints on the bill. Meanwhile the Telegraph quotes Canon Rosie Harper as saying 'emotive' language used by church leaders is 'scaremongering' and says many Christians do not agree with the church leadership on the issue.

First person interview - (on the assisted dying debate) - with Jenny Jones widow of Christopher Jones, who was the Church of England's Home Affairs Adviser

Column on how 'equality has been taken to a higher level' this week with the women bishops vote and cabinet re-shuffle.

Column on whether yoga and Christianity are compatible.


Rev Ian Williams on changes to the baptism service.
Various about women bishops


Huffington Post blogger says that Bishops and other religious people seem to be the only ones debating the assisted dying issues, and calls for a wider discussion.

Telegraph blog calls for more discussion on assisted dying with the blogger saying that while she's an atheist, she agrees with religious leaders on the issue.

Telegraph blog from Christian Odone about faith schools in which she says: 'Faith schools (and not just Catholic ones like the Oratory) have been the one saving grace of our state education sector. They continuously outperform secular schools. More importantly, they inspire an admirable ethos in their students: respectful, intellectually curious, disciplined, aspirational.'

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