LLF Next Steps Group meeting 15 July 2021


The Next Steps Group spent the first part of the meeting engaging with Session 5 of the Living in Love and Faith course, as part of its commitment to completing the LLF course together.

 The group discussed the correspondence members had received regarding the proposed gender identity and transition work and agreed a response.
The group had received requests from diocesan bishops, LLF Advocates and some members of General Synod, for the timeframe for church-wide engagement to be extended. A decision to extend the period for receiving responses to April 2022 was made and agreed by the Archbishops. Despite this extension, there will be a clear sense of direction about a way forward by November 2022.
The Group approved a plan to develop guidance for church communities wanting to use the LLF materials with young people aged 14+. This will be ready by September 2021.
The Group committed to further work on the ‘The Gift of the Church’ before circulating it more widely, including at the College of Bishops in September 2021. 
The meeting ended in prayer.