Membership of LLF groups announced


Three working groups will include bishops and members of General Synod

Following an update last month on the membership of the Living in Love and Faith Project Board, membership of the three working groups has now been confirmed. 

The three working groups are looking at specific questions connected to implementation of the Prayers of Love and Faith, and the pastoral guidance and pastoral reassurance accompanying this. 

The Bishop of Leicester, Martyn Snow, the Lead Bishop for the LLF process, said: “I am hugely grateful on to all the members of the working groups for offering their time, energy and broad experience to supporting this process.

“I know that this comes at some cost for many people but I am confident that these groups will be fruitful both in terms of good relationships, and that they will enable us to make real progress in the LLF work.”

The groups will feed into the Programme Board, helping to shape recommendations to be presented for consideration at the House and College of Bishops ahead of bringing an outline proposal to the July meeting of the General Synod.

The group membership, which includes bishops and members of the General Synod, is as follows:

Pastoral Guidance

  • +Sam Corley
  • +Paul Davies 
  • Neill Burgess 
  • Ben Fulford (FAOC)
  • Rachel Mann (FAOC)
  • Jo Winn-Smith 
  • Lis Goddard 
  • David Hermitt 
  • Douglas Dettmer
  • Nick Land
  • Neil Patterson
  • Luke Irvine-Capel

Prayers of Love and Faith

  • +Ruth Worsley
  • +Michael Ipgrave (FAOC/ LitCom)
  • Malcolm Chamberlain 
  • Sammi Tooze (LitCom)
  • Mike Tufnell 
  • Mark Miller
  • Rachel Firth
  • Adam Gaunt
  • Kenson Li
  • Julie Withers

Pastoral provision

  • +Martyn Snow
  • +Eleanor Sanderson
  • +Graham Tomlin (FAOC)
  • Joe Hawes
  • John Dunnett
  • Tom Middleton
  • Sally Gaze 
  • Sam Wilson  
  • Julie Dziegiel  
  • Sean Doherty 
  • Rosemary Wilson 
  • Nikki Groarke 

LitCom: Liturgical Commission
FAOC: Faith and Order Commission

The groups will be supported by staff from the National Church Institutions (NCIs).