Text ‘pray’ – curate launches local text prayer requests service amid pandemic


A curate has started a local text-a-prayer service for those wanting someone to pray with amid Covid-19 restrictions. 
Man with text pray on phone

Revd Tom Cook established the text-a-prayer service after seeing Google searches for the word "prayer" booming during lockdown. Knowing not every parishioner is happy using prayer apps, he thought texts would be more accessible. 

The service, offered to all people in the North Cheltenham area, attempts to build a relationship with those who do not yet consider themselves to be Christians.

He has already seen success, explaining he had spoken to one of the first to text already. He said: "I did spend time praying with a 68-year-old woman who has had to shield. She was in tears as she appreciated the contact, prayers and love of Jesus it showed towards her.

"I am hoping that there will be a plethora of testimonies like this over the coming months."

Text pray advert

The project is rooted in the local community and residents can spot posters put up in shop fronts, supermarkets, lamp posts and the local take-away.

Some have taken to printing the poster off and putting it in their window. Revd Tom Cook said: "This way, as people are undertaking their daily exercise, there is a chance they might see it then.

"I want people to know that their church is there for them. Their church wants to pray for them."

The service is operated by texting the word "PRAY" to 88802 and someone will ring the texter back to pray with them.