Advice and guidance for church buildings

We offer guidance and advice on the day-to-day maintenance of your church and on how to go about making changes to your building.

If you’re interested in the support available to help church in rural areas, we also recommending visiting the Arthur Rank Centre.

  1. Clergy in wheelchair, administering communion to blind woman with guide dog


    Churches have a responsibility to make sure that, as far as is reasonably possible, their buildings and activities are accessible to everyone. We can help you understand the Equality Act and what it means for your church.

  2. Archaeological remains of a well within the churchyard of a church


    You should always look at the impact on archaeology when you want to do repairs or make changes to your building. We can help you choose the right level of archaeological recording for your project, and sort out what permissions you might need.

  3. Gravemarkers in a cemetery with a tree in the middle and fallen leaves on the ground

    Human remains

    You will often find Christian and even pre-Christian burials in and around our churches and cathedrals. We can help you understand what to do if you find human remains.

  4. Close up on carved writing on an old gravestone which says "In loving memory"

    New burials and memorials

    Burials, monuments and exhumations are regulated by law. The design of memorials is controlled to make sure that churches and churchyards remain special places that everyone can appreciate. We can help you understand the rules and practices so that you can guide the bereaved, or those wishing to install a new memorial.

  5. Close up of the back of a bat with its wings spread out

    Bats in churches

    Bats are a vital part of our native wildlife and part of God’s creation. However, in large numbers, and in the wrong places, they can sometimes restrict our mission and worship. We can help you plan your building works, and the daily use of your church building, around bats.

  6. Archaeological ruins of a church building

    Ruined churches

    Ruined churches are a treasured feature of our countryside. For some parishes, they can be an expensive headache.  But for others, they represent an opportunity. We can help you understand how to deal with ruins in your care.

  7. Biodiversity

    Plants and animals are essential for sustaining the ecosystems that give us food, fuel, health and wealth. As Christians we are called to care for our God-given creation. Churches and their churchyards are an important part of the diverse natural habitat of England. We can help you care for and promote yours.

  8. Steps up to path in ancient woodland


    Trees are a traditional and valuable feature in your churchyard. They create character and support wildlife. We can help you take good care of them.

  9. Military colours layed up inside a church

    Flags and military colours

    There are many options for flying flags and for laying up military standards, guidons and colours. We can help you understand your choices and care for your historic flags and banners.

  10. Church bells being run

    Bells and bell ringing

    Church bells are the most historic sound many of us ever hear. We can help you make sure your church bells keep ringing for a long time into the future.