Free social media apps for your church to try in 2019


Today there are more than two million apps are available for Apple and Android users.

With so many creative and productivity tools on offer, how do you know where to start and which ones to try?

The digital team have put together our list of FREE apps for you to try in 2019.


Create amazing designs using Canva’s online tools.   

Canva is a versatile tool for designing graphics to use on your website, social media platforms or posters. We use Canva to create quick images for our social media channels and produce visual reports on our campaigns. The simple design is easy to use and with the ability to choose from hundreds of free templates, it will help cut down your workload. 

Available on the Apple store and Google play, or through your browser.  

Tip: Save your templates to use again or share them with your team for easy collaboration.  


Snapseed Logo


A free photo editing app to enhance your photos.

This app is for those who want to quickly edit photos, but want them to look professional. You can apply pre-set filters for quick edits or create your own style with the app’s more advanced features.   

Available on the Apple store and Google Play.  

Tip: Save your custom edits to apply to multiple photos for a consistent style. On Instagram, your feed looks more consistent if you use the same filter on each post.  


Pixlr Logo


Everything you need for photo editing in one app. 

Create collages, apply filters and add text to your images all in one app. Pixlr comes with thousands of presets ready to go.

Available on the Apple store and Google play, or through your browser.  

Tip: This stands out against some of the other photo editing apps as it can be used on your computer as well as your phone. 


Unfold Logo

Unfold for Instagram and Facebook stories 

Turn your photos or videos into collages ready for your Instagram and Facebook story feed.   

Unfold is quick and easy to use with multiple templates ready to go. You can save your templates to use again, add text and customise backgrounds.  

Available on the Apple store and Google Play.   

Tip: Create multiple photo collages from events or services to share on your Instagram and Facebook Story feeds.   


Over Logo


Over is another tool for editing photos, creating posters, videos and much more.

Choose from multiple templates and custom fonts to create content for your social media profiles. The user-friendly design makes this app easy to use, but you’ll need to ignore the invitations to upgrade to a paid account! 

Available on the Apple store and Google Play.  

Tip: Quickly turn verses and prayers into images or videos.  



InShot Logo


This free app is great for editing and resizing videos on the go. 

Trim videos, merge clips, resize, or add music, filters and text. It is simple to use and ideal for any church looking to increase the number of videos they are posting on social media.  

Available on the Apple store and Google play.

Tip: Great app for creating a quick highlight video from one of your events. 


Cut Story Logo

Cut Story 

This app only does one thing – cut longer videos into 15-second clips for sharing to Instagram or Facebook stories – but it is a useful tool you will use again and again! 

Available on the Apple store.  

Tip: Record a piece to camera on your phone, slice into 15-second clips and share consecutively to Instagram and Facebook Stories for seamless video transitions.  


Splice Logo


Fully customise your videos by adding music, audio and motion. The simple pre-sets allow you to quickly edit your videos ready for Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.   

Available on the Apple store.

Tip: The music library is free to use, but check copyright before sharing on YouTube and Facebook. 


Mojo Logo


Create dynamic video stories with photos and text to share on your Instagram and Facebook Story feeds. It is similar to the Unfold app, but with animations! 

This app contains multiple templates, customisable animations, layouts and fonts – all for free. 

Available on the Apple store.  

Tip: Mix up the templates and animations so that each post is unique to keep your audience engaged.  



Facebook Pages Manager Logo

Facebook Pages Manager

Manage your church's Facebook page and Instagram account all from one app. 

Pages Manager helps admins monitor activity, keep up to date with notifications and reply to comments and messages all within one app for both Facebook and Instagram. 

Available on the Apple store and Google play.  

Tip: This app enables you to keep your personal Facebook notifications separate from your page notifications so you won't miss anything important! 


Planoly Logo


Plan, draft and schedule posts for your Instagram grid and story feeds.   

This app is a time-saver for keeping on top of your scheduled posts on Instagram. Some of our favourite features are the draft tool for saving posts to use later, and the hashtag folder to save relevant hashtags to add to your captions.  

 Available on the Apple store and Google play, or through your browser.  

Tip: Schedule your Instagram Story posts and the app will send you a reminder to post at the right time.  


Repost Logo


Repost makes it easy to share photos and videos while giving credit to the original Instagrammer. We use it on a regular basis to share photos from our diverse church community around the country. You could use it for posts from other local churches, or share a photo or video from @thechurchofengland

Available on the Apple store and Google play.  

Tip: If you’re sharing a post from a personal Instagram account, always ask for permission before you share their image and credit them in your caption.  


Buffer Logo


Buffer is a social media management tool for scheduling posts to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The free plan allows you to add up to three social profiles and schedule up to 10 posts per platform at a time.   

Available on the Apple store and Google play, or through your browser.  

Tip: Save time by planning your social media posts all in one place to go out automatically at the right time for your audience.  


Command for Instagram Logo

Command for Instagram

 Analyse your Instagram profile to understand your account, followers and analytics.   

This app analyses your posts to give you engagement statistics for individual posts, weeks and months, and lets you know the best times to post for your audience. 'Command' is a great addition to Instagram's in-app analytics.   

 Available on the Apple store.  

Tip: You don’t need to sign up for the pro account – the free features of this app will give you enough knowledge to help you improve your strategy. 


Liz Morgan
Church Digital Champion

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