Labs Learning roadshow speakers

At the Labs Learning Roadshow, you will be inspired by speakers and digital other experts who will share best practice and give practical advice for using social media and websites to grow your church and welcome more people in our local worshipping communities. 

Guest speakers

Warren Nettleford

Reporter 5 News, ITN

Warren Nettleford is a television reporter for Channel 5 News and an award-winning filmmaker. His career began at Channel 4 News as a trainee before becoming a BBC reporter. At Channel 5 News he’s anchored their most-watched bulletins from the studio,  has worked on some of the biggest national and international news stories and has also interviewed the last three Prime Ministers. Warren is a Christian and attends church in Dulwich, South London.

Debbie Clinton

Debbie Clinton

Director of Renewal & Reform for the Church of England

Debbie Clinton is the Church of England’s Director of Renewal and Reform. Appointed to the role in 2018, she previously worked for the Diocese of London for six years, leading their Capital Vision 2020 work. Prior to that, she worked within change management and marketing in Aviva. Debbie loves to share stories of how the changes we enable through Renewal and Reform have a real impact in transforming lives.

Freya Hobbs

Consultant at Edmonds Elder, a leading digital agency

Freya Hobbs joined Edmonds Elder in November 2016 and has worked within social and digital for nearly 10 years. She currently works with a wide variety of businesses and organisations to create diverse, creative campaigns across online and offline channels. Specialising in paid advertising and organic social strategies, Freya delivers campaigns for clients carefully tailored to achieve those outcomes that matter most to them - including awareness building, lead generation, behaviour change, and sales.

Emma Sijuwade

Emma Sijuwade

Founder and Senior Social Accounts Manager at Socibelle

Emma Sijuwade is the founder and senior social accounts manager at Socibelle, a creative Social Media Agency that helps churches and businesses build their social media presence. Emma previously worked at Premier Christian Radio, where she was responsible for implementing all organic social media marketing campaigns for the organisation and managing multiple digital projects for their sales team. She has developed high profile social media campaigns for; Lambeth Palace, Christian Aid, Tearfund, New Wine Church and more.

Digital team

Adrian Harris

Adrian Harris.

Head of Digital for the Church of England

Adrian Harris joined in October 2016 as the Church’s first Head of Digital, tasked with building a team and identifying strategic opportunities to use social media and the web to engage both churchgoers and those exploring Christianity. In the first three years, the national digital presence has been overhauled and the work recognised with a big uplift in engagement and winning 15 national awards. Adrian’s proudest achievement is leading #FollowTheStar, which reached 8 million over Advent and Christmas 2018 and showed the possibilities when the Church works together locally and nationally to confidently share the Christian message.

Amaris Cole

Amaris Cole.

Senior Digital Communications Manager

Amaris Cole is the Church of England's Digital Communications Manager, responsible for implementing digital evangelism, discipleship and communications strategies. She delivers a range of digital projects, including video and audio production, social media and Amaris' proudest achievement since working for the Church is overseeing the training of nearly 2,000 churches to use digital strategically in their communities.

Ben Hollebon

Ben Hollebon.

Web and Insights Manager

Ben Hollebon is the Church of England’s Web and Insights Manager and manages the national web platforms for the Church and Archbishops. He works alongside Church House Publishing to deliver app and web service solutions across departments. Ben highlights his proudest achievement as delivering the new Church and Archbishops’ websites in seven months to enable people to discover more about the Christian faith.

Liz Morgan

Liz Morgan.

Church Digital Champion

In her role as the Church of England’s Church Digital Champion, Liz Morgan implements a wide range of resources for churches, including training days, weekly blogs, and newsletters, to equip churches to reach their communities using digital. By the end of 2020, Liz will have trained more than 2,000 churches across the country, travelling from Truro to Carlisle.

Iso Neville

Iso Neville.

Social Media Officer

As the Church of England’s Social Media Officer, Iso Neville is responsible for the national social media channels, working to promote evangelism, discipleship and the common good in the digital world. Iso is most proud of the Church of England social accounts’ impact on those who are unable to attend worship.

Sam Poch

Sam Poch.

Content Producer

Sam Poch is the Church of England’s Content Producer, responsible for creating engaging videos and graphics. He has helped deliver a range of projects, including Follow the Star, #LiveLent and Remembrance 2019. One of Sam’s proudest achievement since working for the Church is the redesign of the ‘Prayer of the Day’ graphic for social.

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