National Transitions Service for Clergy

The Transitions Service

The aim of the Service (launching in Summer 2018) will be to provide resources to individual clergy, primarily to support a lifelong, fulfilling service to the Church of England. Clergy looking for a new challenge or who find themselves at a vocational crossroads will be given a confidential safe space to reflect on where their calling may take them. As well as providing support in developing a profile, writing applications and interview techniques the Service can employ a range of methods and tools to deepen an individual’s understanding of their strengths and talents.

A lady holding a lit candle with both hands in front of her

“We all have vocations which can change over time. We also have different gifts and accumulated experience through our different types of work. Sometimes we are not even aware of what we have and how it can be used in different ways. This service will help clergy reflect on their work and think about the next stage of their ministry.”

Roger Preece, Archdeacon of St Helens and Warrington
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