Stories and features

Read a selection of stories from churches across the country on how they are serving communities at this challenging time.
  1. A rotary phone sitting on a desk.

    Does someone you know need a Daily dose of Hope?


    In today’s digital age whilst zoom, social media and online church services are keeping many connected during Coronavirus lockdown – those self-isolating without internet access can be left feeling forgotten.

  2. Prayer Spaces in the diocese of Salisbury

    Prayer Spaces: Symbolic reminders of hope and peace during the pandemic


    While our churches are now allowed to open their doors for private prayer, for many it has not been possible or practical to do this – yet many such churches are still a sacred space in their community.

  3. Hackney Food Bank Here to Help Leaflet

    Church opens second food bank during pandemic


    A second food bank has been opened by a church during lockdown as demand for food parcels has risen eight-fold in its area during the pandemic.

  4. Picture of five adults and a baby

    Why is it so hard to leave? ‘Change is possible. But you need support’ says Bishop of Gloucester


    Isolation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic has been pervasive for domestic abuse victims: for those self-isolating with someone who is harming them, it may seem that there is no way out.

  5. online services broadcast Gloucestershire

    How a village church has trebled its ‘congregation’ online


    A weekly ‘taster’ video placed on the village Facebook page has helped attract a growing number of people who have never been to church before to online services broadcast by St Michael and All Angels in Bishop’s Cleeve, Gloucestershire.

  6. Faith on the Front Line Logo

    Faith on the frontline


    A series of video diaries from key workers in the South West offers an insight into how people’s faith is motivating their work during the coronavirus pandemic.

  7. Volunteers at #Feedbirmingham

    Thousands of items donated through street collections as demand rises at food banks


    Amid a sharp rise in demand at food banks and other distribution organisations, Thrive Together Birmingham began piloting food collections in five streets in the Kings Heath and Hall Green areas of Birmingham.

  8. Two wedding rings are balanced on a bench.

    Celebrating 80 years of marriage


    Nancy Kingston, who will be 100 in October, and her husband Eric, 98, celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary today, on 1 June. They have been part of their church community since they were married at Saint Mary And All Saints Church in Meare.

  9. A pencil on top of an open notebook on a table.

    Help for children to recover emotional well-being after COVID lockdown


    New resources have been developed to help schools working with bereaved children and young people

  10. A lady holding her phone in her hand as she walks.

    1,000 answered calls for help in Shropshire town


    In a Shropshire town, a young church member’s idea to help people with shopping has seen more than 1,000 answered calls for practical support for the vulnerable and isolated.