Stories and features

Read a selection of stories from churches across the country on how they are serving communities at this challenging time.
  1. #FollowTheStar 2019 Advent and Christmas campaign.

    How did we engage different audiences with #FollowTheStar over Advent and Christmas 2019?


    Building on the very positive response to #FollowTheStar in 2018, we kept the same theme and were delighted to see the way in which churches, dioceses, individuals and clergy used the resources.

  2. #LiveLent: Care for God's creation

    News on upcoming campaigns: Everyday Faith and #LiveLent 2020


    Find out news about Everyday Faith and #LiveLent: Care for God's creation, two new campaigns to get involved with, in 2020.

  3. #FollowTheStar 2019 Advent and Christmas campaign.

    Join the #FollowTheStar journey this Christmas


    Download the app or sign up to our email reflections. However you join in with #FollowTheStar, we're excited you're here!

  4. logo for everyday faith for churches PDF booklet

    Everyday Faith: New Year, new approach to finding and following God


    We're still in December, so it seems a bit much to be talking about the New Year – with or without resolutions. However, we want to point out a new resource coming in January to help all of us resolve to find and follow God in everyday life.

  5. The Church of England Digital Roadshow rolls into London


    100 churches gathered for the second event of its kind, to be envisioned and trained to make the most of the digital opportunity that presents itself to us all

  6. Epiphany and Candlemas resources 2020

    #FollowTheStar into 2020 with our 'Beyond the Stable' and 'Share the Light' pilot


    Help encourage families and children back into church after Christmas, over Epiphany and Candlemas, with our 'Beyond the Stable' and 'Share the Light' pilots.

  7. A Christian Vision of Housing and Community


    FEATURE / The theologian Stephen Backhouse writes about how the Archbishop of Canterbury's Commission on Housing, Church and Community is seeking to express a distinctly Christian vision of housing and community.


  8. Reflection on DIY SOS/Children in Need build project by Revd Sheelagh Aston


    FEATURE / A former Blackburn Day School and Sunday School built in 1834 to nurture young people is being given a new lease of life to continue its legacy with the help of the BBC DIY SOS programme, presented by Nick Knowles, and the BBC Children in Need annual appeal. 

  9. Building better communities and homes


    COMMENT / Members of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Housing, Church and Community joined other panellists at the Bristol Housing Festival for a panel discussion on the church’s response to the housing crisis.

  10. Two years on since Grenfell, nothing much has changed.


    COMMENT / The Bishop of Kensington, Graham Tomlin wrote to the London Evening Standard following his visit to Grenfell Tower.