Stories and features

Stories and features from across the Church of England.
  1. General Synod digital presentation screenshot

    Sharing the first full year of digital evangelism at General Synod


    FEATURE / Head of digital, Adrian Harris shares about the first full year of digital evangelism at General Synod in February 2018.

  2. A man smiling on pew in church talking with other people

    Drawing from the best of Anglican and Methodist traditions


    FEATURE / In the Nottinghamshire town of Retford, Anglican and Methodist congregations have shared church services and missionary projects for many years. The churches have even shared a Church of England vicar.  

  3. Confirmed church members standing with Bishop in church

    Podcast: Minority ethnic clergy and the Church


    FEATURE / In this Renewal and Reform podcast, we speak to those responsible for supporting Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people as they follow their calling to ordained ministry.


  4. Bishop of Worcester John Inge praying at service

    Healing the wounds


    COMMENT / The Bishop of Worcester, Dr John Inge, explains why he will be supporting new proposals for communion between the Church of England and the Methodist Church in Great Britain.

  5. An iPad Mini showing social media icons and the Church of England logo

    More than 200 parishes trained in social media in six months


    FEATURE / The Church of England’s digital communications team has trained more than 200 parishes in social media and writing for the web.

  6. #GodWithUs logo

    How did #GodWithUs help to share the Christian message at Christmas?


    FEATURE / A huge thank you to dioceses and local churches across England and the Diocese in Europe for getting involved in #GodWithUs and bringing the Advent and Christmas journey to millions of people. We really appreciate the feedback given in the run up to the campaign and your help in shaping and sharing it.

  7. LiveLent 2018 thumbnail

    #LiveLent 2018 - Let your light shine

    FEATURE / #LiveLent – Let your light shine is a Lent journey through the Gospel of John, offering a short daily reading, a pause for reflection and prayer and a challenge to act.

  8. A Christmas Day Meal at Stourport

    The churches which will be full on Christmas Day – feeding body and soul


    FEATURE / This weekend, an army of volunteers will set to work on preparing Christmas Day lunches to be held in or organised by Church of England parishes.

  9. Bishop Sarah Mullally

    New Bishop of London Sarah Mullally: I will be a servant


    COMMENT / Bishop Sarah Mullally: Let me start with an admission: I am delighted but, yes, slightly terrified to be the next Bishop of London. 

  10. Bride and groom standing in church doorway facing each other

    Marrying in church


    FEATURE / As we approach Christmas and New Year, a time of year when many couples get engaged, many will have questions about whether they can marry in a church. The Revd Dr Sandra Millar, the Church of England’s Head of Life Events, explains that it could be easier than you think.