Get your voice heard: write a letter for creation

Letters for Creation invites children and young people under 30 to write letters reflecting on what caring for creation means to them and how they want their voice to be heard in the climate justice conversation.

It is at times like these – testing times – that we recognise we are all in this together. Coronavirus impacts all of us, but love unites us all. We are aware now more than ever of how interconnected our lives are and the importance of looking out for our neighbours as well as our common home. In the midst of these uncertain weeks and months, Letters for Creation is a project that can be done from home and offers an opportunity to creatively channel concern for others and the world around us.

‘Letters’ don’t have to be physical letters: videos, photographs, poems, songs, posters and so on are all welcome, and the ‘letter’ doesn't have to be addressed to anyone in particular. See below for some ideas about how to take part from home.

Selected letters will be curated into an exhibition that will be launched digitally later this year, followed by a travelling exhibition that we hope will tour a number of UK cathedrals, COP26 (the UN's climate change conference), and the Lambeth Conference in 2021. Churches around the world are also welcome to hold their own local versions of the exhibition: check this page soon for more information.

To take part, email us at [email protected] or send your submission to:

Letters for Creation (c/o Grace Emmett)
Cathedral and Church Buildings
Church House
27 Great Smith Street

Please note that while Church House is currently able to receive post, it may take some time for postal submissions to be processed as the majority of staff are working from home at the moment. 

Submissions will be reviewed as they come in. Don’t forget to include the name, age, and country of the children/young people, confirming you have the appropriate parental permissions if relevant, and remember that if selected the submission may be shared widely as part of the exhibition.

A young boy painting words on a piece of card for Creationtide.
I am a parent/teacher/youth worker: where can I find resources?
Where can I find resources for churches?
I am a young person, how can I get involved?
Who can take part?
Why the Lambeth Conference?
Read letters from senior clergy across the Anglican Communion


For any queries, please contact Grace Emmett, the Letters for Creation Coordinator, on 0207 898 1663.