Diocesan Environmental Officers map

Please bear in mind that some DEOs are volunteers while others are employed part-time. Their contact details are listed below:

Bath and Wells - David Maggs 

Birmingham - Revd Patrick Gerard 

Blackburn  - Vacant - For now, contact the Chair of the Environmental Working Group, Revd Canon Professor John Rodwell

Bristol - Clare Fussell

Canterbury - Teresa Bennett

Carlisle - Vacant – for now please contact Diocesan Admin at Church House, Penrith

Chelmsford - Revd Christine Newmarch

Chester - Debbie Dalby

Chichester - Rev Debbie Beer

Coventry - Godfrey Armitage

Derby - Vacant - For now, contact the co-ordinator of Environment Group, Stella Collishaw

Durham - (joint) Revd Danie Lindley and Revd Catherine Walton

Ely - Clare Redfern 

Europe - Revd Elizabeth Bussman

Exeter - David Curry

Gloucester - Revd Arthur Champion    

Guildford - Revd Lesley Crawley

Hereford -  Chrissie Pepler

Leeds - Jemima Parker  

Leicester - Revd Andrew Quigley

Lichfield - Revd Richard Clarkson 

Lincoln - Sarah Spencer

Liverpool - Phil Leigh

London - Brian Cuthbertson

Manchester -Revd John Hughes

Newcastle - Revd Mark Nash Williams 

Norwich - Revd Canon Chris Copsey

Oxford - Maranda St John Nicolle

Peterborough - Dr Peter Brotherton 

Portsmouth - Vacant

Rochester - Vacant.  For now, contact Claire Boxall.

Salisbury - David Morgan

Sheffield - Jo Chamberlain

Sodor and Man - Cheryl Cousins

Southwark - Sue Mallinson

Southwell - David McCoulough 

St Albans - Vacant. (For the Living Churchyards project contact Judith Evans.)

St Edmundsbury and Ipswich - Revd Sandie Barton

Truro - Luci Isaacson

Winchester - Vacant - For now, contact the chair of the join Salisbury / Winchester Diocesan Environment Group David Morgan.

Worcester - Mark Wild 

York - Vacant - For now, contact the chair of the Environmental Working Group Margaret Price