Webinars on getting to net zero carbon

This series of webinars is designed to support and equip you to reach the Church’s ambitious "net zero carbon" emissions target.

Choose as many topics as you need to help you on this decade-long journey.

Find details below of the various topics, dates, and how to book. 

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Audience, length, and how to book

Our webinars are primarily aimed at diocesan staff and volunteers working in roles with an environmental aspect to them.  They are also appropriate for those running cathedrals, TEIs, or other institutions. Individual clergy and parishioners are also welcome to attend, but not all content will be relevant.

Webinars are generally an hour long, with around 40-45 minutes of content and then time for some questions at the end, submitted through the 'chat' area. 

Places on all webinars are free but must be booked using the Eventbrite links below. 

When you book, you will be sent the link showing you how to dial in. The webinars are run using Zoom.   

Topics, times, and dates

1. Forming your team

This webinar focuses on how to gather the right people within your working group, to help you develop and implement a 'net zero carbon' action plan.

Current dates:   

  • Monday 11th May, 1-2 pm.  
  • Thursday 14th May, 4-5 pm. 
  • Monday 18th May, 4-5pm
  • Tuesday 7th July, 1-2pm
  • Thursday 30th July, 4-5pm
  • Tuesday 22nd Sep, 4-5pm
  • Monday 5th Oct, 1-2pm.

For all dates and times, register here.

Missed it? Watch a recording here.

2. Action planning

This webinar focuses on developing an action plan for getting to net zero across all diocesan activities, including churches, schools and land.

Current dates:   

  • Monday 8th June, 4-5pm.  
  • Thursday 11th June, 1-2pm.
  • Tuesday 23rd June, 1-2pm.
  • Thursday 25th June, 4-5pm
  • Thursday 26th Nov, 1-2pm
  • Monday 7th Dec, 4-5pm.

For all dates and times, register here.

Missed it? Watch a recording here.

3. A positive vision of a zero carbon church

This webinar focuses on buildings. What practical changes can be made to buildings, to reduce the carbon emissions from heating, lighting, and running the buildings? 

Current dates:   

  • Tuesday 19th May, 1-2pm.  
  • Tuesday 19th May, 4-5pm. 
  • Monday 1st June, 4-5pm. 
  • Tuesday 2nd June, 1-2pm
  • Thursday 9th July, 4-5pm
  • Tuesday 15th Sep, 4-5pm
  • Monday 2nd Nov, 1-2pm. 

For all dates and times, register here.

Missed it?  Watch a recording here.

4. Defining and measuring net zero

This webinar focuses on what we mean by net zero; what is in and out of scope.  It also discusses ways we can start to measure net zero.

Current dates:   

  • Tuesday 16th June, 4-5pm
  • Thursday 18th June, 1-2pm.
  • Monday 29th June, 4-5pm.
  • Thursday 2nd July, 1-2pm
  • Monday 13th July, 1-2pm
  • Tuesday 28th July, 4-5pm
  • Thursday 8th Oct, 1-2pm
  • Thursday 3rd Dec, 4-5pm.

For all dates and times, register here.

Missed it? Watch a recording here.

Future topics

Planned future topics

  LED Lighting 

  Church heating - choosing the best solution for your church

  Church heating - to replace or not to replace?

  Transition to EV cars and charging

  Solar PV panels on churches

  Housekeeping and quick wins for energy saving

  Learning from others - energy management at the Wallace Collection

  Net zero schools and youth groups

  How church land contributes to net zero 

If you have ideas for other topics, please email [email protected]

Other organisations run very useful webinars too, of interest to a church audience.

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