National Safeguarding Panel Appoints New Members


The Church of England’s National Safeguarding Panel has appointed two new members.

The Panel scrutinises and challenges the church on existing and proposed policies and practices around safeguarding. It consists of experts in safeguarding, representatives of organisations that support survivors of abuse within religious organisations and representatives of the Methodist and Catholic churches. It is also attended by the lead and deputy lead bishops for safeguarding and representatives of the Archbishops.

The new members are:

  • David Cooper, the Independent Chair of the Leicester Diocese Safeguarding Oversight Group. He has substantial professional experience in safeguarding at a senior level in local government and the health service.
  • Jasvinder Sanghera, founder of the charity Karma Nirvana, has extensive experience of working with victims and survivors of forced marriage and honour abuse. She is Chair of the Leeds Children Safeguarding Partnership. 

Independent Chair of the Panel, Meg Munn commented, “I am delighted to welcome David and Jasvinder to the panel. They both bring many years of experience in working with safeguarding issues. In addition, David’s appointment will enhance the panel’s link to dioceses, while Jasvinder’s work is an important link to local authority led safeguarding.”

Director of the National Safeguarding Team, Melissa Caslake, said: “The scrutiny and challenge of the Panel is vital to the Church’s ongoing safeguarding work and I am very grateful that David and Jasvinder are prepared to give their time and experience to the Panel.”