Chief Education Officer responds to Education White Paper next steps announcement


Responding to the recent announcement by the Secretary of State for Education on next steps regarding the White Paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere, Nigel Genders, Chief Education Officer for the Church of England, said:

'For 200 years the Church of England has been a stable and consistent provider of education for children in communities across the country. Our aim has always been to focus on academic excellence in an environment which equips young people to live life in its fullness. Working in partnership with government and regional school commissioners, the Church of England Education Office will continue to aspire for the best educational experience for all. Where academisation is the best way forward, the Church of England will take an active role through its Dioceses, as set out in the Memorandum of Understanding.

'However, the White Paper has eight chapters and only one concerns academisation. The other chapters discuss other important areas including teacher recruitment and developing leadership within schools. Much of our ongoing work is focused on these areas. Our emphasis on creating and maintaining healthy school communities for the benefit of the pupils and their teachers is clear and we are excited to be working on a number of programmes which will be announced over the coming months to help all children flourish and reach their full potential.'