State of the Nation Debate


The General Synod has voted overwhelmingly today in favour of a motion from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York calling for every parish and diocese to hold their local MPs, politicians and the members of the Government and civil servants in their prayers.

Here is the full text of the motion;

The Archbishop of Canterbury to move:

That this Synod, knowing through the experiences of parishes across the country that social divisions feel more entrenched and intractable than for many years, and concerned at the divisions within the major political parties which are stifling the emergence of a hopeful and viable vision for the common good in our communities:

(a) call upon every diocese and parish regularly to hold in prayer their local MPs and politicians and the members of Her Majesty’s Government and civil servants, seeking God’s strength and wisdom for the responsibilities they bear;

(b) reaffirm the Christian commitment to putting the voices of the poor and marginalised at the heart of the nation’s concerns; and

(c) call upon the nation’s leaders, drawing on Christian hope and reconciliation, to work together for that common good at this time of division.


To read the full text of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech moving the motion click here.