30,000 homemade meals in eight weeks


A Gloucestershire mission project has provided more than 30,000 home-made meals to people in need and NHS staff across the county since the outbreak of the coronavirus.
Meals being prepared in Gloucester

Gloucester Diocese, supported by the Bishop of Gloucester, Rachel Treweek are working with The Long Table – the social enterprise that started the project. 

Inspired by the vision to provide nutritious meals to those in need across the county, Bishop Rachel explains, “We knew with the thousands of people having to self-isolate and the huge financial strain this would place on families and foodbanks that providing free, healthy food delivered to people’s doors would be a vital service.”

An army of volunteer chefs, delivery drivers and administrators has been mobilised to tackle the crisis.

To keep up with demand, they have even partnered with cafes and universities across the county, providing more chefs to cook the food for distribution. The service is open to everyone – and for those who can pay for their meals – their money has helped to finance free meals for those in most need.

One registered nurse currently re-deployed to a COVID-19 Ward, describes her experience, “after another gruelling shift” she reveals, “I ate a delicious home-cooked meal tonight instead of toast and I am more grateful than words can say.”

Bishop Rachel highlights, “It’s been a privilege to support the NHS. We have provided freezers in eleven of our county hospitals and stocked them with meals, so our doctors, nurses and NHS staff have home-cooked meals available to them, hopefully sustaining them through the many hours they are having to work. My thanks and gratitude go to all the front-line staff at this time.”

“It is a great witness to the sharing of the hope and love of Jesus Christ and serving our neighbours faithfully.”

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