Children to make ‘hearts of love’ for Valentine’s Day


Children are making cut out hearts reminding key workers they are loved to mark St Valentine’s Day.
Bishop Rachel of Gloucester holds a heart for key workers
Bishop Rachel holds a rainbow-coloured heart representing support for key workers in the Covid-19 pandemic

The craft activity, known as ‘Hearts of Love,’ is devised as a way for children to thank those who may be working and struggling during the pandemic.

With colour-in cut-out-and-keep examples available, children are encouraged to explore ways of displaying them including making enough for bunting or giving them to neighbours or friends.

Children have already started sharing their own efforts, with the Bishop of Gloucester, Rachel Treweek, endorsing the project.

The Revd Jo Wetherall, Growing Faith Officer at the Diocese of Gloucester said: “We all need to know we are loved, especially at the moment. Working together to overcome Covid-19 is hard. Many people are grieving, some exhausted, others frightened or lonely.

“At the very least we are brought low – ten months in your jogging bottoms can make you feel unlovable.

“The hearts show our ongoing love and support for our keyworkers and our enduring hope.

“Please do share the packs with your worshipping communities and encourage everyone to display the hearts over Valentine’s Day and the rest of February.”

St Valentine’s Day, which is on the 14th of February, is commemorated by the Church of England and special liturgy is available to mark the occasion.

Valentine was a martyr in Ancient Rome and is today associated with love. Many hagiographic stories exist and today his skull is on public display, crowned with flowers, in Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome.

The cards can be downloaded from the Diocese of Gloucester website.