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A series of video diaries from key workers in the South West offers an insight into how people’s faith is motivating their work during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Church doors may be closed for now, but Christians on the front line – as doctors, nurses, in the police and other emergency services, as supermarket workers, farmers and many other roles – share their stories of faith:

Inspector Steve Bradford from Devon and Cornwall Police shares his workload as the lockdown eases and visitors return to the South West, and he describes how his faith in God helps him to deal with the challenges he encounters. “With God alongside me, I am able to deal with situations as they develop,” he says.

Marlene Mann, a volunteer at the Quantock foodbank in north Somerset, has seen demand for emergency food supplies quadruple since lockdown began, in a population which was already suffering from huge cuts to services over the last ten years. The needs and stories she encounters could easily be overwhelming she says. “I cannot do it in my own strength, that will fail me, but God never fails.”

Dr Freddie Pimm is a GP in Weston super Mare, the seaside town whose hospital recently had to close due to the high number of COVID positive patients and staff. He talks about having to deal with fears for the first time about his own health during the pandemic. “My faith has been hugely important in helping me manage this anxiety,” he says.

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