Katie Piper reveals Christmas favourite


TV presenter Katie Piper is the latest celebrity to reveal all and tell viewers of the Church of England’s digital channels her favourite Christmas song.
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This year the Church of England has produced short reflections aimed at teenagers and young people featuring a series of famous faces which are being released on the Church of England’s Instagram account to IGTV each day at 8pm.

The contributors share what their favourite Christmas song is, and what it means to them and their faith at this time of year.

And Katie has revealed that her favourite Christmas tune is ‘Mary’s Boy Child’ made famous by Euro-Caribbean band Boney M who topped the UK charts for four weeks culminating in a 1978 Christmas number one. Their hit was a cover of a 1956 song by Harry Belafonte and written by Jester Hairston.

Katie said: “It’s one that I grew up listening to and I’ve carried on that tradition now in my family.

“it’s just a song that gets you feeling joyful and happy about creation and life.

“And I feel all generations would get up and dance to that track when you play it - my children would dance, my grandparents won’t be able to stop tapping their foot.

“And for me Christmas is about everybody across all generations, background and beliefs coming together - and that song joins and unites people.”

Watch the full video here.

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