The paramedic who finds ‘hope’ in prayer on the Covid-19 frontline


A paramedic who is working on the frontline amid the Covid-19 pandemic, has said he finds ‘hope’ in prayer.
Paramedic in NHS uniform wearing glasses and smiling

Simon Linton is a Paramedic Team Leader for South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. Despite having Covid-19 and battling increasing work pressures, Simon’s faith has actually been strengthened.

He said: “Prayer is such an effective and powerful blessing which I am so blessed to have. I find prayer to really focus my mind during such difficult times which gives me hope that my future is safe in God's hands.

“This has given me such an increased level of peace. I would say that Covid has deepened my faith as it has challenged me to read His Word more and I have had a greater understanding about his promises for me.”

Unwell for three weeks in March-April last year, Simon has seen increasing numbers of patients needing help.

“Since returning to work my workload has significantly increased in terms of the number of patients that I attend, the increased support required for my team members and the increased pressures placed on my workplace,” he said.

“With all these pressures that have increased it has been noted that more people have required additional emotional support.”

Simon is responsible for a team of 20 paramedics, emergency care assistants, as well as students.

A member of a Pentecostal Assembly he previously said as part of the ‘TimeToPray’ and ‘EverydayFaith’ campaign on Twitter: “Every day, before I enter my ambulance station, I wait in the car and pray asking God to help me through the day.”

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