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  1. The Bishop of Manchester sticking a Palm Sunday cross up in his window at home.

    National virtual service for Palm Sunday to be led by the Bishop of Manchester


    Christians are to be encouraged to make their own paper or card ‘palm’ crosses and display these in their windows in a national virtual church service for Palm Sunday to be broadcast by the Church of England.

  2. Safeguarding blog from the Church of England.

    Blog from Lead Safeguarding Bishop


    Blog from new lead safeguarding bishop as he takes up the role.

  3. Funerals at home liturgy.

    New reflection issued for people who cannot attend a funeral


    People who cannot attend a funeral because of the coronavirus restrictions are being provided with prayers and suggestions on how to pay their own tribute at home to the person who has died.

  4. The Archbishop of York leading a service at Bishopthorpe Palace

    Archbishop of York leads ‘front room’ Sunday service


    This week’s Church of England national virtual service was recorded on an iPad in the drawing room of Bishopthorpe Palace.

  5. 13 daily reflections to promote positive mental health.

    New Mental Health Reflections published by the Church of England


    A series of reflections on how to cope with anxiety and loneliness in the face of the coronavirus pandemic are published today by the Church of England.

  6. Statement from the Church of England.

    Church of England to close all church buildings to help prevent spread of coronavirus


    All Church of England churches are to close with immediate effect in an effort to help save lives by limiting the transmission of the coronavirus COVID-19.

  7. Open hands in prayer

    Archbishop of Canterbury backs worldwide call for Christians to say the Lord’s Prayer


    The Archbishop of Canterbury has given his backing to a call from the Pope for Christians across the world to join in saying the Lord’s Prayer.

  8. Statement from the Church of England.

    Archbishops and Bishops: stay at home but continue to pray, to love, to care for the vulnerable


    The Archbishops and Bishops have urged everyone to follow the instructions given by the Prime Minister to stay in their homes in a national effort to limit the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

  9. The Archbishop of Canterbury leading a service in the Lambeth Palace crypt.

    Church of England attracts largest ‘congregation’ ever with first virtual service


    The Church of England attracted its largest ‘congregation’ ever yesterday, in spite of the suspension of public worship in its churches to stem the spread of coronavirus.

  10. SEC blocks Exxon shareholder proposal co-filed by As You Sow and the Church Commissioners for England for second consecutive year.


    Comment by Edward Mason, Head of Responsible Investment at the Church Commissioners for England