We help you keep your church building open, used for worship and enjoyed by all.

We work with and advise churches and dioceses on care, conservation and development of church buildings. We work with government to advise on policies that affect church buildings.
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When should you consult us?

We expect to be consulted for:

Your Diocesan Advisory Committee will tell you when to contact us. 

We are also happy to give advice to dioceses about projects where works have a big missional impact (e.g. a resourcing church or other church plant).

Our meetings for 2022 are as follows:

  • 20th January 2022
  • 17th March 2022
  • 12th May 2022 
  • 7th July 2022
  • 1st September 2022
  • 20th October 2022
  • 8th December 2022

The latest date that the Council can receive a case for inclusion for these meetings are as follows: 

  • January Meeting -  27th December 2021
  • March Meeting - 21st February 2022
  • May Meeting - 12th April 2022
  • July Meeting -13th June 2022
  • September Meeting -8th August 2022
  • October Meeting - 26th September 2022
  • December Meeting - 14th November 2022

The Council aims to acknowledge receipt of casework promptly provided it is sent to [email protected] or via the Online Faculty System

Our Membership

The council has 23 members. 


Expressions of Interest are currently sought for four committee positions on both the Organ and Bell Conservation Committees.

Further details can be found in our recruitment page.

Applications close on Monday 9th May at 17.00.Informal interviews will be held online on Tuesday 17th May (Bells) and Friday 20th May (Organs)

Source URL: https://www.churchofengland.org/resources/churchcare/church-buildings-council