What is a DSM?

Diocesan Synod Motions (DSMs) are motions passed by diocesan synods that have been referred to the General Synod. Once a DSM has been referred to the General Synod it will not come off the Agenda until it is either debated or withdrawn by the proposing diocese.


Current DSMs

Anglican Communion Covenant

Motion detail

Anglican Communion Covenant (II)

Motion detail

Liturgies for same-sex couples

Motion detail

The wealth gap between rich and poor

Motion detail

Review of qualifications for PCC membership and entry on the church electoral roll

Motion detail

Challenging slavery and human trafficking

Motion detail

Insurance Premium Tax

In more detail

Persecuted Church

Motion detail

Reduce Parochial Fees for Marriages

Motion detail

Prisoner Rehabilitation Schemes

Motion detail

Responding to the Climate Emergency

Motion detail

Diocesan Synod Motions are listed under the General Synod's Special Agenda IV. The other Special Agendas are: Legislative Business (Special Agenda I); Liturgical Business (Special Agenda II); and Private Members Motions (Special Agenda III).

Diocesan Synod

Body consisting of clergy and lay representatives elected from across the diocese

General Synod

The 'Parliament' of the Church of England. The General Synod usually meets twice a year to debate and discuss matters of interest and to consider and approve amendments to Church legislation.

Anglican Communion

Global family of Anglican Churches whose links include their relationship to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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