"Probably the most effective experience I have had in over 20 years in ministry!"

"This course is the first thing that has been offered to me in church, both voluntary and paid, that is not about how to deliver a new piece of material, or run an activity, but how to 'be'."

“After just one session, I was already sharing with my manager ways we can bring about a culture change in our organisation…I already feel enriched!”


If you are a leader or aspiring leader who works across the spheres of church, home or school, then we would love for you to consider joining a cohort on the Growing Faith Strategic Leaders’ Programme.


The Programme:

  • provides a space for a collaborative learning community which models the intersections of Growing Faith
  • professionally develops leaders and aspiring leaders bringing sustained change in a range of contexts
  • has a transformative impact on children and young people’s faith formation.


You can register your interest for the next programme here and find more information here.


If you still have questions, do feel free to get in touch with Stephen, the programmes lead.

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