The Revd Canon Kathryn Fitzsimons (Leeds) to move on behalf of the Leeds Diocesan Synod:

That this Synod:

(a) welcome the extensive work already undertaken by the Church of England in partnership with others to evaluate the impact of benefits sanctioning and to identify and promote recommendations for the reform of sanctions policy and practice;

(b) call on Her Majesty's Government to implement the recommendations numbered 58-63 inclusive, made in December 2014 by the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry Report into Hunger in the UK Feeding Britain in respect of the use of sanctions upon benefit claimants;

(c) call on Her Majesty's Government to initiate a full independent review of the impact and efficacy of the sanctions and conditionality regime; and

(d) encourage every part of the Church of England to offer practical and pastoral support to those experiencing benefit sanctions, building on the Church's work with food banks, credit unions and debt advice.

Three amendments were moved by Nigel Bacon, the Venerable Malcolm Chamberlain, and the Bishop of St Albans, which were carried and are included in italics above.

Synod then voted in favour of the amended motion on a counted vote of the whole Synod.  The voting was as follows:

For: 320; Against: 0.  2 abstentions were recorded.



John Spence, the Bishop of Sheffield, the Bishop of Guildford, and Jonathan Kerry made presentations to the Synod and answered questions.

These brief summaries are offered primarily for reference while the General Synod is in session. The formal record of the Synod's business at each sitting during the November 2015 group of sessions can be found in the 'Business Done' (available online once published after the Synod concludes its business), which includes details of unsuccessful amendments to motions and other significant information offering a fuller picture of the Synod's business.

Source URL: https://www.churchofengland.org/media/press-releases/general-synod-february-2016-sessions-wednesday-am