Our national environmental programme exists to help the whole Church take action to care for and renew creation.

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  1. Young person holding a sign saying "there is no planet b"

    Faith leaders make call for environment-focused economic recovery


    UK faith leaders have called on the Government to ensure its economic recovery plan does not bypass care for the Environment

  2. Cargo  arrival at the sinking island of Tuvalu, Mid-Atlantic, east of Papua New Guinea.

    Bishops warn of 'Environmental Racism'


    Church of England bishops have joined with counterparts from around the Anglican Communion in signing a statement warning of 'Environmental Racism.'

  3. General Synod sets 2030 Net Zero carbon target


    The Church of England’s General Synod has set new targets for all parts of the church to work to become carbon ‘net zero’ by 2030. 

  4. The Archbishop of Canterbury with clipboard

    Archbishop launches Church of England's first ever Green Lent campaign


    Thousands of people will take action to help tackle Climate Change as part of the Church of England’s first ever official green Lent campaign, launched today by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

  5. Energy Footprint Tool


    The Church of England's Energy Footprint Tool is a simple way for churches to calculate their "carbon footprint" in minutes.


  6. Someone standing in a church with an iPad showing emissions information for their church building.

    Church of England launches energy rating tool as Synod considers new ‘net zero’ carbon target


    The Church of England launches energy rating system similar to those used for household appliances for church buildings as General Synod considers a major new proposal to reach ‘net zero’ CO2 emissions. 

  7. #LiveLent: Care for God's creation

    News on upcoming campaigns: Everyday Faith and #LiveLent 2020


    Find out news about Everyday Faith and #LiveLent: Care for God's creation, two new campaigns to get involved with, in 2020.

  8. The Church of England logo with the words Environmental Programme below

    Church of England appoints National Environment Officer


    Jo Chamberlain has been appointed as the National Environment Officer for the Church of England, taking forward the strategy developed by the Environment Working Group

  9. The Church of England logo with the words Environmental Programme below

    Environment programme winter 2019 newsletter is out now


    News and events concerning the climate and the church, useful resources, and how to take part in the Lent Campaign.

  10. A church with wild flowers to the fore

    Church of England’s Environment Group calls for greater action on Climate Change across the Church


    NEWS / Church of England’s Environmental Advisory Group has called for all parts of the Church to recognise the Climate Crisis and step up its action to safeguard God’s creation.

Source URL: https://www.churchofengland.org/environment/environment-programme-news

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