New works of art offer a tremendous opportunity to engage visitors and congregations, and to bring new items of beauty into your cathedral.

They can also have a significant impact on the character of a cathedral.

We can advise you on the commissioning process to make sure the impact is the one you want.

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York Minster

Where to begin?

Develop an arts policy
Appoint someone to manage the process
Talk to your cathedral architect and archaeologist
Write a brief
Set up an expert group

What permissions do you need?

When the installation of a new work of art is proposed we assess its effect on the cathedral’s character and fabric.

Permanent installations
Temporary installations

What do we look for in your application?

Your proposal will be assessed on its material effect on the architectural, archaeological, artistic or historic character of the cathedral. That includes:

  • Its physical impact on the cathedral fabric
  • And its visual impact on the building’s character and appreciation

Include the following supporting information with your application:

  • An introductory statement with background information that sets the work in context
  • The cathedral’s arts policy
  • The cathedral’s liturgical plan and conservation management plan or a statement of significance on the fabric affected by the work
  • The brief to the artist
  • A description of the proposed work
  • Illustrative material (drawings, artist’s impressions, photomontages, samples, etc.)
  • A statement by the artist on the work
  • Biographical details of the artist
  • Any relevant technical information (e.g. installation fixings, fittings, hanging mechanisms, lighting requirements, maintenance issues etc.)
  • Impact statements by the cathedral architect and, or cathedral archaeologist, as appropriate.

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