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I was born in Zimbabwe and came to the UK with my family in 2003.

I grew up in an Anglican traditional church but can safely say that I have slightly moved to what I may consider as modern Anglican tradition. I trained as a policeman and rose through the ranks to become a Chaplain General of the Police Force in Africa.

In the diocese, I am currently Rector of Tattenhall, Handley and Burwardsley parishes. These are all semi rural parishes with a tradition that could be described as ‘middle of the road’. In the diocese, I am the CMEAC Chair and Ministerial Development Officer. I am married to Perpetua with four boys.

It is my hope that my broad ministerial experience in Africa and the UK may be of immense value and help and thus enhance the mentoring relationship with different perspectives.

I value prayer in my life and strongly believe that life without prayer is life without God’s protection. I have a passion in mentoring because it is the only way in which I can give confidence to those who are willing, but lack confidence.

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