Getting connected

How good is the broadband and mobile signal in your area?

Broadband: good, Mobile: good
Broadband: poor, Mobile: good
Broadband: good, Mobile: poor
Broadband: poor, Mobile: poor
I don't know!

Broadband speed/mobile signal

Router at St Michael and All Angels, Martlesham Heath

What broadband speeds are available to you?

A “good” broadband speed means Ultrafast (100 Mbps+ download speeds) or Superfast (24 Mbps+). But a “Standard” speed of 10–24 Mbps might also be able to meet your needs, depending on what you intend to use your connection for.

Our recommendations count anything below 10 Mbps as “poor” – although these speeds might still be officially “Standard”, they are considered by Ofcom to be below the minimum necessary speeds to cope with modern internet requirements.

The Ofcom Broadband Checker can help you estimate whether your available provision is currently good or poor:


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How strong is your mobile signal?

To get an estimate of what strength of mobile signal is available in your area, and from which providers, use the below Ofcom Mobile Checker.

A “good” mobile signal will return a green (or “Likely to have good coverage”) result on the map. Anything less than this is unlikely to provide viable options for connectivity, and is thus considered “poor”.

Once you’ve found out what's available in your area, you can find out about getting connected.

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