Information on national structures and national roles supporting safeguarding and providing scrutiny

Lead safeguarding bishops

National Safeguarding Steering Group (NSSG) 

This group, established by the Archbishops, is a successor to the House of Bishops' Safeguarding Monitoring and Reference Group. Its membership consists of a range of representatives from across the Church, including the National Church Institutions, dioceses and cathedrals. It is chaired by the Lead Bishop for Safeguarding, Jonathan Gibbs, and staffed by the National Safeguarding Team.

The activities of the NSSG are set out in its Terms of Reference. Members of the NSSG are appointed by the Archbishops and include both lay and clerical representatives. Please see the terms of reference document above for a list of members.

National Safeguarding Panel (NSP)

The NSP was set up to resource the Church of England's leadership (Archbishops' Council and House of Bishops) with good high-level strategic advice and direction on safeguarding, and provide vital reference and scrutiny from a range of voices, including survivors, on the development of policy and guidance. The panel is chaired by Meg Munn and its members also include directors and chief executives of safeguarding charities and organisations, and church leaders and officers. 

The NSP's main aims are to:

  • Provide visible leadership and excellence
  • Promote good safeguarding practice
  • Support a survivor perspective

Please see here for the National Safeguarding Panel's Terms of Reference and Membership.

Read the 2020 NSP Annual Report

Read the 2019 NSP Annual Report

The National Safeguarding Team (NST)

  • Interim National Director of Safeguarding - Zena Marshall
  • Deputy Director, Development - David Worlock
  • Deputy Director, Strategy and Casework - Lisa Matthews
  • Deputy Director, Partnerships - Nathalie Ballard
  • Deputy Director, Communications - Rachel Harden
  • Redress Scheme Project Manager - Simon Stanley
  • Past Cases Review Project Manager - Sam Nicol
  • National Safeguarding Caseworker - Elizabeth Pollard
  • Caseworker - Ian Bowles
  • Caseworker - Jude Renton
  • Provincial Safeguarding Adviser, Lambeth Palace - Anthony Clarke
  • Safeguarding Administrative Assistant, Lambeth Palace - Thomas Foot
  • Provincial Safeguarding Adviser, Bishopthorpe Palace - Anna Flower
  • Safeguarding Administrative Assistant, Bishopthorpe Palace - Becci Leckenby
  • National Safeguarding Training and Development Manager - Lisa Clarke
  • National Safeguarding Training and Development Manager - Vacant
  • National Safeguarding Policy and Development Lead (IICSA and External Relationships) - Deborah McGovern
  • National Safeguarding Policy and Development Lead (Survivors) - Godfred Boahen
  • Safeguarding Advocate - Gemma Marks-Good
  • Business Support Manager and PA to the National Director of Safeguarding - Emma Stradwick
  • National Safeguarding Team PA - Lucy Ocran
  • Projects Officer (Training and Policy) - Andrea Harper
  • Projects Officer and IICSA Administrative Officer - Barbara Chapman
  • Projects Officer - Helen Todd
  • HR Business Partner (Safeguarding) - Cat Truelove
  • HR Business Partner (Safeguarding) - Clare Worrell (Maternity cover)
  • Adviser to the Lead Safeguarding Bishops - Tim Bonnett
  • Senior Project Manager - Katerina Bashutska
  • Lead User on the National Safeguarding Casework Management System - Jason Tingley
  • Past Cases Review 2 Stakeholder Engagement Manager - Bev Bickley

Contact the NST[email protected] 

Read the complaints handling policy and procedure for the NCIs and associated privacy notice.

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