In-depth, sustained support for clergy seeking to make a successful job move.

Dr Christine Blackie, Career Counsellor

For some clergy, moving on in ministry can be a complex transition as they try to reconcile a sense of being called to a new role with managing the realities of their working lives. 

If you are feeling ‘stuck’ or undecided about how, when or why you might move on in your ministry then Career Counselling may offer a way forward.

Career Counselling is a process that can offer one-to-one, sustained support over a period of time. Many career related issues are closely linked to the past, present and future, to working conditions, family life and wider relationships.  Consequently, the focus in my practice is on the personal and professional circumstances of each individual.  Typically, each meeting will give you the space and time to reflect in-depth upon your work related needs and aspirations.  In a safe, independent setting you can talk, be heard and through the sensitive use of home assignments begin to explore those barriers and opportunities to making confident career-related decisions and manage career-related tasks. 

Due to its association with status, achievement and reward, the term ‘career’ can feel at odds with a sense of calling and vocation and those qualities associated with ordained ministry such as service and humility.  In my work, calling is acknowledged as an important dimension of how clergy might anticipate and prepare for different types of career related transition. 

Which job?
Is this it?
Listening for God?
To move or not to move?

Christine Blackie is an independent and fully qualified career counsellor with considerable experience of helping clergy make role transitions or job moves within the Church of England.  She can be contacted at

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