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1985 edition published December 1984

1990 edition published January 1990

1993 edition published July 1992

1995 edition published January 1995

1996 edition published April 1996

1997 edition published December 1997

2001 edition published May 2001

2004 edition published September 2003

2006 edition published January 2006

2011 edition published January 2011

2017 edition published October 2016

2020 edition published November 2019

Reprinted with revisions August 2021

This 2022 edition published March 2022


The text includes amendments made by the following enactments passed since the 2020 edition was first published: the Church Representation Rules (Amendment) Resolution 2019, the Church Representation Rules (Amendment) Resolution 2020 and the Church Representation Rules (Amendment) Resolution 2021.


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