Each of the following expressions is defined or otherwise glossed or explained in the provision specified in the following Table –




actual communicant

Rule 83(2)

annual meeting (in Part 9)

Rule M1(1)

barred list (in Part 7)

Rule 71(1)

benefice, area of

Rule 82(4)

building licensed for public worship

Rule 83(5)

Business Committee

Rule 84(1)

casual vacancy, occurrence of

Rule 83(9)

child (in Part 7)

Rule 71(1)

clerk in Holy Orders

Rule 83(10)

communion, with Church of England in

Rule 83(3) and (4)

community roll

Rule 83(6)


Rule 84(1)

diocesan elector

Rule 54(2) and (3)

diocesan electoral registration officer

Rule 27(1)

diocesan safeguarding advisor (in Part 7)

Rule 71(1)

district church council (in Part 9)

Rule M35(1)

enrolment appeal (in Part 6)

Rule 57A(10)

Form, numbered

Rule 84(3)

full election appeal (in Part 6)

Rule 59A(2)


Rule 76(3) and (4)

guild church

Rule 83(8)

lay chair, in relation to a deanery synod

Rule 26(7)


Rule 83(1)

mission initiative

Rule 84(1)

offence mentioned in Schedule 1 to the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 (in Part 7)

Rule 71(2)


Rule 82(1)


Rule 84(1)

personal data

Rule 84(1)

public worship

Rule 83(5)

register of clerical electors

Rule 27(2)

register of lay electors

Rule 27(3)


Rule 82(2) and (3)


Rule 1(1)

roll, name being on

Rule 83(7)

rural dean

section 12(4) of the Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure 2000

specified by the Business Committee

Rule 81

summary election appeal (in Part 6)

Rule 59A(1)

vulnerable adult (in Part 7)

Rule 71(1)


Rule 76(2)

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