The Investment Team partners with external organisations to deliver the Pension Board’s strategy. These include:

Our fund managers are carefully selected for their ESG and responsible investing credentials and then monitored on their alignment with the Pensions Board’s own ethical and responsible investment strategy. Our Stewardship Implementation Framework outlines our stewardship activities and ESG related expectations of asset managers. A full list of our asset managers can be found here.

Mercer is our Investment consultant. It advises on asset allocation, manager selection and in the on-going monitoring of the Board's fund managers.

Northern Trust is the Pensions schemes’ Asset custodian. It operates a passive currency hedging programme and provides an independent measure of fund managers' investment performance.

Our stewardship and ethical investment activities also benefit from close collaboration with a number of other institutions and individuals, from other Church institutions to academics, data providers, NGOs, and other investors. For more information on our responsible investment activities, please see here.


CEFPS statement of investment principles 2023

CWPF Statement of Investment Principles 2023

CAPF Statement of Investment Principles 2023

Statement of Investment Principles Appendix (Investment Beliefs) 2023

Statement of Investment Principles Appendix (Risks) 2023

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