The Past Cases Review 2 (PCR2) is being run in all Church of England dioceses.

PCR 2 update - June 2022

The following information has been shared with General Synod members ahead of the Synod's meeting in July 2022. The information is copied here for reference:

  • Since the previous General Synod, all local independent diocesan reports have now been submitted and approved by the Project Management Board. The last of the expected reports was received by the project team at the end of April 2022.
  • The original timeframe for PCR 2 in all contexts was affected by Covid restrictions.
  • In the case of the Diocese in Europe, travel restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 have meant that while the work has started it has not yet been able to complete the necessary research for PCR2. The Diocese will report on its findings as soon as it can.
  • The project team has analysed the findings of the 45 independent local reports received, with a total of over 800 local recommendations being made. These findings and recommendations cover a variety of areas and have been consolidated into eleven main themes that will feature in the final PCR2 report, along with recommendations. 
  • The national report is being drafted with the assistance of a Stakeholder Group and an Editorial Group with oversight from the PCR2 Project Management Board.
  • Two Survivor Workshops have also been held to seek feedback on the expectation of the report from a survivor and victim perspective, in particular the ongoing delivery and future governance of any recommendations.
  • The NSSG now needs time to consider and ultimately approve the national report. Once this process is complete, a publication date will be identified and shared with the dioceses – it is anticipated this will be in early Autumn. The work involved in building the report from 45 independent local reports and findings is significant.
  • Dioceses will decide on a timescale and format for publishing local findings. Many have advised they are intending to do so at the same time as the publication of the national report, but this is a local decision.
  • At the time of writing the project team is working towards completion of the full final report to be submitted to the Project Management Board at the end of June. Once approved by the Board, the NSSG will consider the report and advise on a timescale for publication.

Please see our FAQs section for more information on PCR2.

PCR2 follows a report in 2018 into the original PCR (2007-2009) which revealed shortcomings both in the process and final result.

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