Audio is often an afterthought when recording a video but it can make a huge difference to the overall quality of your production. After all, if what you’re saying is the focus of the video then it should sound great!

This article will be focussing on those using their phone to record video, although a lot of the general information may apply regardless of your recording device.

There are two key considerations when recording for video, the first is where you are recording, and the second is who and what you are recording. The equipment you use will depend on these and provide varying results in different situations. 



If you are recording at home, a room with lots of soft furnishings and with the curtains drawn is an ideal place to record. A good test is to clap your hands in each room of the house and see which one has the least echo. The space should have as few external sounds as possible (cars, birds, roadworks, fridges, etc). If you live on a busy street, it’s probably better to record in a room at the back of your home.  

However, the best space for audio recording may not be the best for video if you don’t have the background you want, or if your lighting is affected. Make compromises where you can and move things around if needed. 

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Who and What


You may be recording just yourself, a conversation between two people, or a group of four or more. You may also be recording a quiet reflection or a spirited sermon.


If recording alone or with one other person at home, your best option is a clip-on (or lavalier) microphone. These microphones clip on to your clothing, and since they are closer to the sound source, (the mouth) they provide a more focussed sound than the inbuilt microphone on your phone. This also means that they can perform well in noisier environments.


However, they do pick up the sound of your clothes rustling and may limit your movement due to being wired. If you’re planning on moving around a lot in your video, this probably isn’t the mic for you.


For recording more than two people or videos with lots of movement, a stereo condenser microphone is generally a better option when using your phone. These microphones sound more open and record much more of the atmosphere of the space you are in. Depending on your space, this may or may not be a good thing, but they do give you more freedom for movement in your video, and will provide a noticeable improvement to the built in microphone on your phone.


Lavaliers for recording one person: 


Lavaliers for recording two people: 


Condenser microphones:




Record a few lines or a run-through of your first section. Listen back to the recording and check how it sounds. If using lavalier mics, you may want to try moving these around on your clothing a little to see how it affects the sound. If there are any unwanted sounds in the recording, see what you can do to reduce these. 


Remember, with all these tips take your time, and try a few different setups to see what works best for you! 


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James Newhook
Audio Producer

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