Exeter Cathedral ceiling detailing

Dr John Inge, Bishop of Worcester

"England has no finer treasure than its cathedrals"

Each cathedral serves its community as the mother church of its area and the seat of a bishop. They are physical and cultural landmarks, often the most magnificent, complex and ancient buildings in their local area. They make a great contribution to the country's spiritual life, historic environment and social and economic activity.

Most importantly, cathedrals remain in use for their original purpose. Through their presence, worship and varied work, they reach out to their local and wider communities in many ways.

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Use the map below and become one of more than 10 million people a year to visit one of our cathedrals. 

This map shows our Cathedrals across England, as well as the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Gibraltar (Diocese in Europe) and Westminster Abbey (a Royal Peculiar). 

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Cathedral choir lining up in cloisters
Filled pews at Worcester cathedral service

Thirty-nine of our forty-two cathedrals are grade I listed by Historic England

Durham Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are also World Heritage Sites

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View of Manchester Cathedral ceiling May Fong Li

Cathedrals Working Group

The Cathedrals Working Group's draft report is now available to download and you can take part in the open consultation.

Ely Cathedral looking at the painted ceiling of the west tower Timothy Selvage

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