This week’s Faith at Home episode for Parents and Families focuses on the theme of Humility – featuring contributions from children and young people across the UK, Bible Reading Fellowship, the Chief Rabbi and a song by Matthew David Morris.

We talk about humility as a way to become more open to each other and God. If you ever feel stumped by one of those BIG Questions, try answering with this formula: “I’m not really sure about that. I wonder what you think?”

This is how we can have more faith growth moments: by encouraging more and more questions and responding with humility.

May we each find an open-hearted, open-ended way to believe we are each enough – with or without the answers – because we are all made in the image of love.

Here are some links and resources for further exploring:

  • This post gives a way to explore questions with younger people.
  • These prayer activities have been created for families to use at home.
  • Ideas and resources offered online for a short period of time, to help households ask good questions and wonder together. 
  • Hear Matthew David’s Lectio Musica podcast, in which he explores the spiritual practice of writing songs from scripture. A new song is featured in every episode, along with tips, suggestions, and reflections on how to make this practice your own.

Please send any stories or ideas that your family have found useful (You could send us a short video telling us about your conversations. Please film in landscape).

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