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My name is Miriam Cavanagh, I am a Lay Pioneer Minister for my local parish in the Diocese of Sheffield. I am originally from Zambia, in Southern Central of Africa. I am married Christopher and we have one Son. I speak two languages, a bit of Zambian language called Nyanja and English. I have also lived in London, before moving to Sheffield in 2003. I can only mentor in English as my Nyanja is rather rusty.

I am happy to mentor and journey along with members who are of BAME heritage from the 30 years old and above who are exploring the call to ordained ministry or other vocations within the Church that God is calling them to explore.

I have grown up in the Anglian faith, experienced in both high and low churchmanship. As Christians we worship God who is Diverse, therefore I believe that His Church should be diverse in all areas of Church Ministry by representing and including all people of God to fully participate and sit at God’s table regardless of the colour of their skin or education background. I am very passionate about equality and inclusion for all people of God in Church context and the wider world. 

I am will available to meet face to face or online in the evenings during the week once a month and also happy to talk via modern technology like Zoom or WhatsApp.

I love learning and listening to other people’s faith journeys and by the God’s Grace see and appreciate the wonderful world around me even in times of the challenges of Life.  I am easy to talk to, very good listener, loves music, love watching TV box sets and food.

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