While our churches are now allowed to open their doors for private prayer, for many it has not been possible or practical to do this – yet many such churches are still a sacred space in their community.

The Diocese of Salisbury has developed Local Prayer Spaces*: by simply setting aside some outside space adorned with beautiful signs, to visibly encourage those who are seeking a place to pray.

"Giving people the invitation to ponder and pray is a simple gift for us to share” says Rt. Revd Karen Gorham, Bishop of Sherborne.

Churches, individual land-owners and schools are encouraged to create a sign and set it in the vicinity of: a churchyard bench, a space overlooking a stream, near a footpath or where there is a view or a place to sit – to remind people of God’s peace and presence and invite them to pray.

Bishop Karen reminds us that, "Many people have been using our churchyards and open spaces to say their own prayers during this time of pandemic and communities have created in some places symbolic reminders of hope and peace.”

*By setting up a Local Prayer Space people are asked to take responsibility for keeping surfaces clean and the area tidy, as health and hygiene are essential.

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